LATheatresports every Friday night!

Improvisation is something that I can say I’m known for. By that I mean, I do it, often and without excuse. That doesn’t mean I always hit the mark. God knows I don’t always hit the mark. To be more specific, I bet several people who have attened shows have seen me not hit the mark. But that’s jazz, as they say. Failure is to be embraced in improv. Maybe that’s why I like it so much. It’s an imperfect art form for imperfect beings. Yes I just quoted The Borg Queen.

But that’s not why you’re here!  You came to find out where I improvise!

Two very fun shows this weekend!

At our Impro Lab space! Friday night at 8pm, The World Famous LATheatresDeanHaglandpromoports!  With very special guest Dean Haglund!  One of The Lone Gunman from X-Files joins us to lay down some improv superiority!





Then on Saturday night at 8pm, we open ‘Improvised Sci-Fi Adventure!’ With: Josh Zuckerman, Madi Goff, Cassidy Claire Risien, Nicholas Daly Clark, Jen Reiter Barker, Mike D’Alonzo, Rob Ullett, Ted Cannon and yours truly as Captain Falcon! Join the motley crew of ‘The Talon’ as they race across the universe to keep out of the reach of the evil Monarch and survive with only their wits and cunning!  For tickets contact or @LATheatresport for 241 specials!  Tickets for Saturday night can be got right here through ME! Email me or find me on facebook!



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