Thanksgiving. Gratesfulgiving. You feel me.

I’m in Arizona for a ‘Family Reunion” to celebrate my Dad’s 70th birthday and Thanksgiving. On Tuesday, everyone in my family caught a ’24hr’ stomach bug that layed everyone out, for well, 24hrs. It’s now Thanksgiving eve, and I’m sitting in a hotel room with my 6.5 year old who can’t keep anything down, has the chills and is miserable. While watching TV and jumping back and forth to intermittent moments of ‘Spinal Tap,’ and her shows, I explained how much I liked ‘Spinal Tap’ because it was improvised. During her runs to the toilet, I asked her what she liked. Leaning over the bowl she replied, “Cookies… cream…..and ice cream cookie sandwiches.” We cracked up. It reminded me how thankful I am for my life, my family and all the people who are in my life all due to this silly artform that I adore. I’m humble and grateful for the people who touch my life. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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