William Inge: Unhinged

This weekend we close our run of William Inge: Unhinged.  I have to say that after three weeks, I don’t want to say goodbye to these characters quite yet.  The man who wrote such plays as Picnic, Bus Stop, Come Back, Little Sheba, has some great stories left to tell.  Well, that’s how I feel about improvising with his library of work at least.  We take the work he produced and try to tell a story that he may have written, which may have been found in the back drawn of his desk after his death.  Long forgot all these years.  The setting is the midwest, heartland america circa 1950’s.  Is a ripe place for stories.  Stories filled with emotion and surprising violence that shows it’s emotionally unstable face by the end of each play.

Mr. Inge’s work is pure genius and wonderful to play, his characters are rich and real.  As the actor, I feel that putting on one of his characters easy to grasp.  They are not as simple as they seem on the surface.  They’re in a changing world, filled with desire and desperation.  Some characters are being left behind in a changing world , while others are lost and long for what has past.  Adults are trying to change, while the youth are trying to navigate the new world.  Some find happiness, even if only a glimpse.  But Inge gives them immortality through these plays and allows the actors to play simple folks, with simple wants and needs, with deep emotions.  That makes them really fun to play.

I play closing night at Impro Theater’s Performance Lab, Saturday, 8pm.  Info below.   Hope you can make it!



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